ClimFishCon Expo

ClimFishCon Expo 2020

CilmFishConExpo2020, a mega exhibition is also planned as part of ClimFishCon2020. This exhibition will provide a wonderful opportunity to scientific, educational and commercial institutions to exhibit and showcase their activities, products and services to the public. The exposition will also serve as a platform to showcase the progress achieved in areas such as aquaculture, fisheries, fishing methods, fishery forecasting, information on living and non living resources, disaster forecasting, marine instrumentation, remote sensing, value added seafood, human resource development and other related areas. A seafood festival will be an added attraction of ClimFishCon EXPO2020. The exhibition will be conducted in fully air conditioned stalls. Organisations or business groups in India and abroad are welcome to participate in the Expo by getting approval from the Conference Secretariat andregistering for the same. Each stall having an area of 100 sq ft. will be available for the exhibitors at a cost Rs.50,000 on a first cum first serve basis. Fordetails on the registration of exhibition stall, please contact Organising Secretary, ClimFishCon2020.